“One monster melody and gyrating groove segues into the next…”
-Glide Magazine

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Cabinet’s music jumps out with a flair and texture all its own. Pooling their diverse musical backgrounds together, the members of the sextet weave bluegrass, country and folk into a patchwork Americana quilt that belies their Pennsylvania roots. But rather than romanticizing the past, these guys celebrate a joyful existence in the musical landscape of the here and now. They tour constantly, playing rodeos, former WWII aircraft factories and opera houses in-between headlining major venues across the country. Gaining national attention, Cabinet was recently profiled on the “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know” list by Rolling Stone Magazine.

“Celebration,” Cabinet’s seventh release, is their most adventurous project yet. Along with those acclaimed Cabinet instrumental chops, “Celebration” showcases the band’s collective songwriting abilities. With themes of home and family, listeners gather ‘round the proverbial campfire where songs are sung, tales are told, and varied moods are evoked sometimes through lyrical poetry and sometimes with just the simple turn of a musical phrase. Cabinet’s approach takes the long way around – meandering down scenic back roads towards home. Their live shows are a joyous occasion and an always-inclusive celebration of community-building.

Members are Pappy Biondo (banjo, vocals), J.P. Biondo (mandolin, vocals), Mickey Coviello (acoustic guitar, vocals), Dylan Skursky (electric bass, upright bass), Todd Kopec (fiddle, vocals), Jami Novak (drums, percussion), and newly added Josh Karis (drums, percussion).

Theatre of Living Arts (Set 2) Dec 31, 2016