Donna the Buffalo


Donna the Buffalo

 “Donna the Buffalo is quite simply one of the groovin’est bands in America,
a bona-fide American institution.”

New Haven Register

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Continuously touring with their distinctive, groove-oriented music since 1989, Donna the Buffalo has created an enormous legion of fans affectionately known as The Herd. The band drew its early inspiration from old-time music festivals of the south where transient communities of like-minded folks shared traditional fiddle tunes passed down from generation-to-generation. Over time, that vibe evolved into an Americana mix infused with the danceable elements of Cajun, zydeco, rock, folk, reggae, and country music.

I Love My Tribe:

Revealing core beliefs of social and moral responsibility, their lyrics offer poetry and sage commentary on the attractions of love and the struggles of American politics. Originally named Dawn of the Buffalo, the band finally gave in to the inevitable after hearing themselves introduced as Donna the Buffalo. Every performance this band gives us is a celebration of life in the spirit of activist Emma Goldman, who said: “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution!”

Locket and Key:

The band’s tenth and most recent recording, Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday, on Sugar Hill Records, placed in the top ten on the Americana Music Chart. Donna the Buffalo is Jeb Puryear (vocals & electric guitar) and Tara Nevins (vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordion & scrub board,) joined by David McCracken (Hammond organ, Honer Clavinet & piano), Kyle Spark (bass) and Mark Raudabaugh (drums).