The Dustbowl Revival


The Dustbowl Revival

This is roots music pulled up by its roots, dusted off
and flung into one very fiery stewpot.”

LA Weekly

“…a deliriously fun old time party band.”

New York Music Daily

Band Website

The LA Weekly says: “Dustbowl Revival’s upbeat, old-school, All-American sonic safaris exemplify everything shows should be: hot, spontaneous, engaging and, best of all, a pleasure to hear.” Swing. Hot jazz. Pre-war blues. Southern soul. New Orleans funk. The Dustbowl Revival is an American roots orchestra that plays it all, mashing the sounds of traditional American music into a genre-hopping, time-bending dance party that coaxes new fire out of familiar coal.

This isn’t a throwback band. It’s a celebration of the sounds that have kept America moving for more than a century, performed with all the flair of a medicine show and rooted in the sweat and swagger of a juke joint song swap. Nashville’s Music City Roots says: “We’ve had big brassy funky vintage soul-meets-country-blues bands before, but none has had more chair-by-chair excellence in musicianship, showmanship and vocal power than The Dustbowl Revival.”

Never Had to Go (with Dick Van Dyke):

Dustbowl Revival won the Americana Song Of The Year at the 2010 Independent Music Awards for Dan’s Jam, from their album, You Can’t Go Back To The Garden Of Eden. They recently won the Los Angeles Best Live Band award, quite an achievement in a city that is home to musical stars in nearly every known genre.

Lampshade On:

The band’s signature vibe radiates from the stylish writing and singing of Zach Lupetin and from seductive vocal powerhouse, Liz Beebe. The Dustbowl Revival line-up often includes: Zach Lupetin, harmonica, guitar, kazoo & vocals; Liz Beebe, vocals, washboard; Daniel Mark, mandolin; Matthew Rubin, trumpet; Ulf Bjorlin, trombone; Josh Heffernan, drums; Connor Vance, fiddle; and James Klopfleisch, bass. Their 2015 Signature Sounds release, With A Lampshade On, invites listeners to take part in a daring and raucous live show with Dustbowl Revival working without a net.