Front Country


Front Country

“A ground-breaking, genre-shaking performance San Francisco-based group screwed up
every tradition of the sound America gave to the world and remoulded it again!”
– Spalding Today UK

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An acoustic band born in the land of tech innovation, Front Country was unlikely to be accepted as an authentic American roots band out of the gate.  Cutting their teeth in progressive bluegrass jams in San Francisco’s Mission District and rehearsing across the bay in Oakland, they fashioned their own take on roots music and Indie Folk, with the tools they had on hand.  A mandolinist with a degree in composition and classical guitar.  A guitarist trained in rock and world music.  A bassist equally versed in jazz and newgrass.  A violinist with technique that could seamlessly hop between honky tonk and electropop. And a female lead singer with grit and soul that was also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.  In a wood-paneled country dive bar in the shadow of the San Francisco skyline, Front Country forged a sound hell bent on merging the musical past with the future.  The result lies somewhere between Indie Folk and Americana, in a nether-region they’ve come to embrace as their own. 

Check out Front Country on Grey Fox’s Catskill Stage in 2015:

This West Coast outfit was just a group of friends playing a monthly gig until 2012 and 2013 when Front Country gathered around a single microphone at the RockyGrass and Telluride festivals, and won first prize in those prestigious band contests that once launched the careers of the Dixie Chicks, Greensky Bluegrass and the Steep Canyon Rangers. The contest wins bolstered their confidence in their unique mix of original songwriting, vocal harmonies and instrumental virtuosity, steeling their resolve to take a leap of faith and become a full time touring band. Latest release? OTHER LOVE SONGS. Front Country are movers and shakers in the best sense! Run, don’t walk…

Gospel Train (Sake of the Sound)