Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys


Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

“Phrasing, tone, emotion, it’s all there. Simply mesmerizing.”
— David Grier

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Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys keep one foot in The Great Lakes State and the soul of Motown, and one in Nashville, Tennessee — Music City, USA. They have a sound that’s entirely their own, drawing from soul, blues, folk, and jazz. Leading the group, Lindsay Lou has the kind of voice you can get lost in. Effortlessly transitioning octaves, she’s one part jazz singer and one part blues shouter mixed into one part folk singer.

There’s a great sense of play and warmth shown in the musical camaraderie between band members. Mandolinist Joshua Rilko picks with a careful precision that turns surprising when he slams into speedy power chords. Dobro player Mark Lavengood is remarkably deft in his melodious repartee with the other soloists, and bassist PJ George creates gorgeous bass lines crafted to uphold the whole structure of the songs. Performing live, the Flatbellys delight in swapping instruments back and forth, as each musician displays a feral command over the various fingerboards on display.

“Show Me A Brick Wall”

In 2014 the Flatbellys performed from the West Coast to the East Coast and on to Germany. In 2015 they toured the UK twice and barnstormed across the USA. Touring behind the release of their latest record, Ionia, they’ve played from the The Shetland Island Folk Festival to the Stagecoach Music Festival in California. Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys were named one of NPR Music’s 12 best live performance sessions of 2015 by Mountain Stage.