Mr. Sun


Mr. Sun

“ Aside from their instrumental mastery, there is playfulness
to their music that falls somewhere between old time, bluegrass, swing,
and what we used to call ‘new acoustic.’ ”

Bluegrass Today

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Mr. Sun plays light hearted music, pun intended, and includes three generations of some of the sharpest minds to apply themselves to the American string band tradition… if you can call them traditional. “It’ s getting to the point with me where, if there’ s going to be another band, it had better be really, really necessary. Mr. Sun makes my mind flip on, and spark and spin. So yeah: Mr. Sun absolutely had to happen,” says Darol Anger, the iconic founder of this distinguished quartet that draws from bluegrass, jazz and contemporary classical themes.

The People Need Light:

The seminal groups Darol Anger founded or co-founded include the David Grisman Quintet, the Turtle Island String Quartet, Psychograss, Montreux, and the Republic of Strings. His playing and compositions overflow with passion, prodigious technique, and a generous sense of humor. He’s spent his career enlightening and inspiring his fellow musicians.

Just a Little Lovin’:

With four award-winning years playing with the Gibson Brothers, and an esteemed Berklee College of Music professorship, Joe K. Walsh is one of the foremost contemporary mandolinists on the contemporary scene. Grant Gordy, an alumn of the David Grisman Quartet/Sextet, is a standout in the crowded field of acoustic guitar virtuosos, fusing jazz and bluegrass concepts with startling emotion. The spectacular young bassist Ethan Jodziewicz, who just concluded studies at Curtis Institute with Edgar Meyer, is one of the most versatile bassists anywhere, and is currently helping to revolutionize the role of the double-bass in American string music.

Old Dangerfield:

On their debut album, The People Need Light, on Compass Records, Mr. Sun scorches a set of tunes that emanate warmth, good humor, and pure joy.