“Scythian’s enthusiasm is contagious, and shows
always seem to end with everyone dancing.”

The Washington Post

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Nashville’s Music City Roots says Scythian is “what happens when rock star charisma meets Celtic dervish fiddling.” Named after Ukrainian nomads, Scythian (sith-ee-yin) plays rock & roots music with thunderous energy, technical prowess, and convincing story lines — beckoning crowds into a barn-dance rock concert experience. With Gypsy spice and Gaelic verve, their sound calls for a dance partner in one hand and a pint of Guinness in the other. Working out of the DC Metro area since 2002, Scythian tours all across America playing to enthusiastic throngs of loyal fans.

Hava Nagila (at Grey Fox 2015)

The band consists of classically trained musicians who performed at such prestigious venues as the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap before branching out to explore their own mix of Celtic, Klezmer, Gaelic, Gypsy and rock music. They include brothers Alexander Fedoryka (violin, mandolin, harmonica, bass, and vocals) and Danylo Fedoryka (rhythm guitar, accordion, and vocals) with Josef Crosby (violin, bass, and vocals), Larissa Fedoryka (cello, bass) and Tim Hepburn (percussion, drums).

Donegal Reel / Dance All Night

Scythian’s latest and seventh CD, Old Tin Can, features their unique take on favorite Celtic and Appalachian tunes from Doc Watson, the Carter Family and Christie Moore, along with spirited jigs, soulful waltzes and even an old love song that reflects the Ukrainian ancestry of Alexander, Larissa and Danylo Fedoryka.