Sierra Hull


Sierra Hull

“I don’t see any boundaries. Talent like hers is so rare…”

Alison Krauss

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Sierra Hull released her first album, Angel Mountain, when she was ten years old. At eleven, she was called out onto the Grand Ole Opry stage to play with Alison Krauss. She signed with Rounder Records when she was thirteen.

She played the White House, Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, and became the first bluegrass musician to receive a Presidential Scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. Sierra Hull emerged as one of bluegrass’ most celebrated prodigies, a teenaged mandolin virtuoso who was also developing skills as a writer and a tone-true singer. Travelling on the circuit, Sierra proved that she had what it took to be a well-rounded, band-toting, bluegrass headliner.

Black River:

Now 24, Hull has emerged reinvented as a songwriter and singer with an exquisitely pensive approach to a body of original compositions. Her 2016 live shows feature solo, duet and trio arrangements with double bassist Ethan Jodziewicz – a protégé of the legendary Edger Meyer – and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Moses, of Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder fame, at her side.

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Her new Rounder release, Weighted Mind, is a game changer. Featuring all original songs played on the mandolin and octave mandolin, Hull’s writing mines the depths of her inner reserves and brings to the surface new and deep musical truths. Bela Fleck plays banjo on two tracks, and sirens Abigail Washburn, Rhiannon Giddons and Alison Krauss lend ethereal harmonies to several numbers.

Producer Fleck says: “Sierra lives in the border area where new ideas mix to create hybrids, and sometimes brand new directions. She plays the mandolin with a degree of refined elegance and freedom that few have achieved, and now her vocals and songwriting have matured to the level of her virtuosity.”