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2008 Best Campsite

The Grey Fox Best Campsite Award Has Gone “Green” The prize goes to the campsite that creatively shows the best use of space at the festival. Everyone who camps at Grey Fox is in the running. The award is selected by our Recycling Crew who cover every inch of the Walsh Farm in search of that “spatial triumph.” This year’s award goes to Jim Griffeth of Schenectady, New York, who scaled down and basically recycled a used very small camper — and spiffed it up with the Grey Fox logo. Photos from the Best Campsite from 2008 Here is Jim’s
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Best Campsite from 2007

My name is Christina Grant. My husband, Dusty, and I have been attending Grey Fox for a few years now and, of course, we love it. Thanks for helping to plan and host such an amazing event! Last year we won Best Campsite. I noticed that you have updated the Best Campsite page on the website and would like to humbly share our story with you, and some pictures from our camp last year. As I was reading the new requirements for Best Campsite, I was thinking, ‘Oh, this is fantastic!’ That’s what we are always trying to do at
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