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Seeking Great Grey Fox Stories

As mentioned in our latest newsletter, we are producing a book of great Grey Fox stories, which we’re very happy about. We plan to complete the book by the end of the year, and to make it a success, we need your help! We are looking for 70 positive stories: 5 from each of 14 different categories. Stories may be submitted by fans, artists, staff or anyone who has had an extraordinary experience at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival or any of the festivals at the Rothvoss Farm going back to 1976. “Your positive story” could range from your most memorable
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Sponsor News: New Intellitouch Tuner

Wow!  What can we say!  The fine folks at Onboard Research have done it again with an awesome little tuner, the PT10 Mini. The good news is that they will be available at the Grey Fox festival.  We asked Mark to share with us how they came to the new design. Click to read Mark’s comments. “Competition keeps progress flowing, and we have greatly benefited from the influx of lowcost tuners that adopted the clip-on approach to tuning.  We at OnBoard have gotten feedback over the years from thousands of PT1 users who described the features and capabilities that they
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A conversation with Ron Thomason

Bluegrass musician, storyteller (oops, satirist) and leader of our host band, Dry Branch Fire Squad We recently asked Ron a few questions. Here’s what he had to say: When did you first hear bluegrass and what did you think? I doubt that this I remember the first time I ever heard bluegrass music, but I clearly remember the first time it made an impression on me because the impression was indelible. My father and I were riding into Honaker from our farm in Russell County, VA; the year was 1949 (possibly ’50), and we were in my grandfathers ’49 Ford
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