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Tickets & Festival Information
Lisa Husted, Office Manager
Calls between 9am-6pm (Eastern) only please:
Toll Free: 888-946-8495
Land: 315-724-4473
Mobile: 315-404-5738

Booking   Grey Fox does not accept unsolicited booking inquiries.
We very actively seek and reach out to artists we are interested in booking.
We wish you great success and thank you for your understanding.

Public Relations / Web Content  / Marketing

Mary Burdette 603-677-2178

Sponsorship / Program Advertising / Social Media
Janet Brightly 703-323-4155

Vendor Coordinator
Lisa Husted 315-724-4473 / 315-404-5738

Volunteer Coordinator 
Sheri Hall 315-527-5707

Festival Office Mailing Address
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, PO Box 535, Utica, NY 13503

Festival Office Shipping Address (most of the year) 
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, 747 Bleecker Street Utica, NY  13501

Shipping Address for UPS/Fed Ex Shipments to the festival site***
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, 1 Poultney Road, Oak Hill, NY 12460

***Our staff will be on site for only few weeks every year.
To avoid lost or returned packages, contact Lisa Husted prior to shipping:
315-724-4473 / 315-404-5738
email Lisa Husted