On-Site Camping

Map details subject to change.



Camping at Grey Fox runs Wednesday through Sunday. Tents, pop-ups and RVs are all welcome. Camping is ‘in-the-rough’ on flat, freshly mown hayfields (no hookups for electricity or water). We provide free water for drinking and many other amenities for our visitors. Click for festival services.

We sell only 4000 camping tickets. We normally sell out, so purchase your tickets early. Click for tickets.


Who Can Camp? A full festival ticket holder (age 13 and up) may camp during the festival. Also, children 12 years and under are admitted free with a ticketed parent or guardian.

Campsite Space: Think small. Please do not take more than 20×25 feet per campsite. You may save two small camping spots until NOON on Thursday. Even so, if you see someone looking for a camping spot, please welcome them in. We like to call this Compassionate Camping, and being kind and welcoming to everyone is very important.  Saving space ends at noon sharp. Please leave all your big stuff (ping pong tables, couches, etc.) back home. Bring only what you need. Click for What to Bring List.

Firewood Alert: Bringing in firewood from more than 50 miles away is illegal in NYS. Please purchase your firewood close to the festival, such as in Greenville, Middleburgh, Catskill or at The Milk Run (on NY 145 a mile from the site). Learn more at DontMoveFirewood.org

Camping Areas: There are six types of camping at Grey Fox: Quiet Camping, Pickers Paradise, Generatorville, Family Camping, High Meadow, and Staff Quiet Camping. Each is described below:

Quiet Camping: If you like to turn in early, this is the place for you. DO bring your earplugs. Music and laughter travel. In this area, we ask that people be as quiet as possible from 10pm to 7am.

Pickers Paradise: Like to pick until the cows come home and get to know your neighbors after the music ends? Head for Pickers Paradise. No time limits. Just be mindful of your neighbors and follow the golden rule.

Generatorville: If you’re traveling in your RV and want to use your generator, Generatorville is for you. You’ll be able to run your generator at any time, day or night. Hop a free shuttle bus to the High Meadow area if you need a lift. RV pump-out is available for a fee.

Family Camping: Got kids that spend a lot of time at the Family Tent or at the Kids Academy? Family Camping is nestled around those venues, so this will be a convenient spot for you to camp. It’s not a quiet zone, so bring earplugs for when you turn in.

High Meadow Camping: Several acres on the west end of the Walsh Farm (near the High Meadow Main Stage) is available for tent camping only, no vehicles. Wednesday all day and Thursday until noon, you may drive up to a turnaround, drop off your gear, and then drive back down to park in the Car Corral. On Sunday you may drive back up to get your gear. There are both Quiet Camping and Pickers Paradise sections in High Meadow camping.

Staff Quiet Camping: If someone in your family is a volunteer, Staff Camping will be for you. Many volunteers have early shifts and need to be well rested in the morning, so we keep this area Quiet from 10pm to 7am.

Car Corral: Consider parking your vehicle across the road from the festival to free up space on site for others. High Meadow Campers MUST park their vehicles in the Car Corral.

RV Pump Out: Our sanitation contractor will pump out your RV for a fee. Get a pump out form at the Ticket Booth or Info Booth and display in your RV window when you need service.

Camping Gear Rental Options

• Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping (dancindave.com)

Dancin’ Dave’s Festival Camping offers high quality camping accommodations. You can have a great festival experience without the hassle of having to pack everything needed for a comfortable stay. Their motto is: “We do all the work. Just show up, stay for the party and leave the tear-down to us.” Camping has never been so easy! Reservations must be made in advance. 



Updates: As the festival approaches, check here for updated Arrival Info

Arrival Day:

Camping gates will open at 7:00 am on Wednesday, July 18 weather permitting. As you approach the festival entrance please obey the road signage and directions of the local law enforcement as they aid in your fair and safe arrival to the festival. If it has been raining and the ground is too saturated, we may need to delay opening and proceed slower than normal to get everyone in safely. Please bear with us.