Sponsor News: New Intellitouch Tuner

Wow!  What can we say!  The fine folks at Onboard Research have done it again with an awesome little tuner, the PT10 Mini. The good news is that they will be available at the Grey Fox festival.  We asked Mark to share with us how they came to the new design. Click to read Mark’s comments.

“Competition keeps progress flowing, and we have greatly benefited from the influx of lowcost tuners that adopted the clip-on approach to tuning.  We at OnBoard have gotten feedback over the years from thousands of PT1 users who described the features and capabilities that they liked, as well as the little things that did not like.  So we decided to design a tuner that was small and compact, very lightweight, with a very bright backlight, a clamp that won’t loosen up and fall or get knocked off an instrument, and nestle it snugly behind the instrument’s headstock where it can be seen by the musician but not be distracting to an audience.

Plus, while we were at IBMA, someone approached us with the idea of a light that would change when the string went in-tune, and suggested this approach would make tuning faster because the switch in backlight colors could be seen in peripheral vision, allowing the musician to stay in better contact with the audience during necessary tune-ups.  We implemented a design that glows red when out of tune and snaps to green when the string goes into tune, and the effect is stunning.  It really does make tuning easier and faster.

Lastly, although many people prefer the Intellitouch arrow display, we heard from other people who expressed appreciation for the traditional needle style of display.  Therefore, for the Intellitouch PT10 Mini. we are tipping our hat to the needle displays of the world and offering what we believe is the best one available.”

Of course, the PT10 Mini comes with OnBoard’s exclusive Lifetime “No Questions Asked” Warranty that will apply anytime, for any reason for anyone.

Tight accuracy, durable, lightweight, attractive, snug, with a lifetime warranty and priced right: the Intellitouch PT10 “Mini” from OnBoard Research

The Intellitouch PT10 Mini Tuner by Onboard Resarch has a Retail Price of $39.95.