Lisa is going through each and every request for refund to make certain none have been overlooked.
This is a tedious task so please be patient; we will get to everyone as soon as possible..

Join us for a free virtual
Spirit of Grey Fox Festival
With unique live performances from our 2020 artists
Plus stellar full sets streamed from recent years!
July 16-19, 2020
Don’t miss a beat!
Enjoy on Nugs.TV, YouTube, and Facebook!

 Transferring Grey Fox Tickets

You may sell your unused tickets yourself and transfer them to the new owner.

It’s also OK to post your ticket availability on our Facebook Page:

When you’re ready to transfer your tix, follow instructions below:

How to Transfer Tickets

LOG IN (upper right) to your account by clicking here,
using your e-mail address and password.

Click “MY ACCOUNT” (upper left)

Click “Details” (center right)

Scroll to bottom in “TICKETS” section

Click on “Edit” (right side)

Change name of ticket holder and click “SAVE”

Click on “TICKETS” (top of page ticket icon)

Scroll and click “PRINT” (right side)