To all volunteers, both new and returning: Be sure to read through the UPDATED INFORMATION and GUIDELINES before submitting an application.

If you have questions, please contact volunteer coordinator Caroline Isachsen at volunteer@greyfoxbluegrass.com or 518.368.8495.

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival is considered one of the friendliest and best-organized festivals in the world. In 2009, the festival was named IBMA International Event of the Year. In many ways, our success is due to the spirit, dedication and hard work of the many volunteers who come from all corners of the U.S. and beyond to help. Thank you in advance.

Volunteers help create a safe, organized and enjoyable festival for all. They maintain the festival site, greet patrons, sell tickets, provide information, direct traffic, assist campers, prepare food, collect trash, provide emergency services, and more. As a volunteer, you become a member of our unique Festival Family, and thousands of visitors will benefit from your service.

Volunteers are assigned to a crew by the Volunteer Coordinator. Placements are based on Festival needs, Crew Chief recommendations, experience, seniority, and/or suitability to the tasks required.

  • All volunteers must be flexible with regard to scheduling, which frequently requires a morning, afternoon, evening and one “where needed” contribution from everyone.
  • Schedules are arranged by your Crew Chief. One 5-6 hour shift is required each day, depending on the crew. Many Crew Chiefs will allow you to swap a shift with a fellow crew member, if mutually agreeable.
  • All Volunteers must be sober while on duty and observe safety guidelines.
  • Most tasks require some degree of physical activity. Whether it is standing, walking, lifting or other types of exertion, be prepared for some motion, and respect your own limitations.
  • Plan to be out in the elements during your time with us. Some work areas are sheltered, but many are out in the sun and/or rain. It can get chilly at night, so bring gear for all types of weather and darkness.
  • Wear shoes, and carry a flashlight, hat, sunscreen and water bottle.
  • Be aware of your own time limitations and the needs of your family. If you bring your children, please arrange for a friend or relative to watch them while you are working as they cannot accompany you during your shift. Many families participate by signing up only one parent to volunteer, with the other taking on parental duties. We want your choice about volunteering at Grey Fox to be an informed one that is right for you, your loved ones and our Festival.
  • Meal Tickets are for Volunteers only. Please provide for your non-volunteer family members at your campsite.
  • Volunteer placement is based on Festival needs. We reserve the right to accept volunteers that reflect our philosophy, values, and standards. In some cases, we may suggest you purchase a ticket and enjoy the show.  The $25.00 registration fee will be refunded if an application is not accepted, or if a volunteer cancels in writing by June 15.


In return for satisfactory service at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, our Volunteers receive:

  • Admission to the Festival.
  • A non-transferrable meal ticket.
  • Camping privileges.
  • Free parking for one vehicle (additional vehicles will be charged $20 OR be parked in the Car Corral).
  • Volunteer T-shirt, to be worn while on duty.
  • Huge gratitude from management, artists, guests, fans and fellow volunteers.

Each Grey Fox Bluegrass Volunteer shall:

  • Fill out the online application and submit the $25.00 registration fee, contact the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance if you have no computer (see details).
  • Treat patrons, artists, guests and other volunteers courteously at all times.
  • Arrive for each shift on time and sober.
  • Complete all shifts assigned by your Crew Chief.
  • Wear Staff T-shirt and any other safety gear required while on duty.
  • Operate Festival vehicles, including golf carts, under the direction of your Crew Chief and according to guidelines.
  • Adhere to all other Festival safety guidelines.
  • Be a team player.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in revocation of volunteer status, admission, camping and meal privileges.

  • Volunteers must be able to work a minimum of four days.
  • Volunteers on most crews should arrive by Wednesday afternoon for check-in and scheduling. Late arrivals usually need to work Sunday. Upon acceptance, check with your Crew Chief for details including expected arrival day and time.
  • Minimum age to volunteer is 18, however we accept a LIMITED NUMBER of responsible 16 and 17 year olds on a case-by-case basis. See Teen Crew Details.

  • Due to the high demand for this crew, new Teen Crew recruits cannot be accepted until a spot opens.
  • Teens must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who must submit a Parental Release Form.
  • Teen Crew release forms can be downloaded (below) and forwarded or signed onsite at Check-In by the parent or guardian.
  • The parent’s name and contact information for the Festival period must be included on the form.
  • Please include parental contact information in the Notes Section of the online application.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will call the parent prior to Teen Crew acceptance.

      1. Registration Fee
      2. Volunteer Camping Policy
      3. Meal Tickets
      4. Golf Cart Safety
      1. REGISTRATION FEE:  Each volunteer is required to pay a $25.00 registration fee upon applying—via credit or debit card (in which case the application process starts immediately) or by mailed check or money order (which will need to clear before placement). Checks payable to TMD, Inc. and mail to: TMD, Inc., c/o Stoy Malone, 705 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21204.
        REFUND POLICY: Registration fees will be refunded in full if the application is not accepted or if the volunteer cancels in writing by June 15. After that time, no refunds will be made. Please submit cancellations and direct any questions and concerns regarding the registration fee to volunteer@greyfoxbluegrass.com.
      2. VOLUNTEER CAMPING POLICY:  Every volunteer is expected to understand this policy, so please review it now even if you are a veteran volunteer.
        The Festival takes pride in offering a generous volunteer package to compensate for your service. Volunteers give up their right to first pick of camping when they become part of the Festival team. PRIME CAMPING IS RESERVED FOR CUSTOMERS ON OPENING DAY. The Festival’s priority is getting customers safely onsite. We call this “The Rodeo.”

        • Volunteers may NOT move into General Camping until after The Rodeo is over.  Staff will coordinate the move out of Staff Camping into General Camping.You may not use your early access to the site to save campsites for ticket buyers or yourself.
        • QUIET STAFF CAMPING is shown on the Festival Site Map. All Volunteers arriving before 11AM Wednesday will camp in that area. Noise should be at a minimum between 10 PM and 7 AM. Volunteers wishing to remain in that area for the duration of the Festival may do so. It remains a Quiet Camping Area during the Festival. Your non-volunteer family may join you there.
        • Volunteers wishing to camp in General Camping may do so sometime after 11am on Wednesday. Do not exit Staff Camping until directed to do so.
        • Volunteers not on site by Tuesday evening should arrive after NOON Wednesday. Volunteers arriving during the Rodeo will be directed to Staff Camping until after the Rodeo.
        • The Rodeo is not an exact science – if there is a delay in exiting Staff Camping, please, be patient! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
      3. VOLUNTEER MEAL TICKETS: Meal tickets for each volunteer are issued to volunteers for access to our Hospitality Tent meals. Three meals per day are provided from Wednesday evening through Sunday noon. Volunteers must provide their own meals prior to Wednesday evening and after Sunday lunch. Exceptions apply for some approved early workers.
        • You MUST present your Meal Ticket in order to gain access to the Hospitality Tent for each meal. No exceptions. WRISTBANDS DO NOT COUNT FOR MEALS! You must show your meal ticket.
        • All meals will be eaten in the Hospitality Tent. There will be no takeout meals.
        • Meal Tickets cannot be given to another person.
        • Lost or stolen meal tickets can be replaced. Missing tickets will be tracked so if another person presents it they will have some explaining to do.
        • Pre-festival volunteers will be given meal tickets for use Weds-Sun.
        • Meals are NOT PROVIDED FOR FAMILIES OF VOLUNTEERS. The Hospitality Tent is for volunteers, staff and guests of the Festival only. Non-volunteer family members will need to provide their own meals.
      4. VOLUNTEER GOLF CART OPERATION POLICY: All Volunteers operating a Festival vehicle, including golf carts, will adhere to safety guidelines.
        • Licensed and authorized operators only.
        • Driving speed onsite is 5 mph (about the same speed as walking).
        • Completely sober operation at all times! No open alcohol containers at any time.
        • Return carts and keys to motor pool or Crew Chief asap. Carts are share resources.
        • Unsafe operation and/or unauthorized use of festival vehicles are grounds for immediate loss of volunteer privileges.

The above guidelines apply to ALL VOLUNTEERS & ALL CREWS from pre-fest set up to post-fest cleanup and all in between. Everyone. No exceptions.


      • Fill out one application per person.
      • Every volunteer must fill out the online form to be considered for a volunteer position.
      • ALL returning volunteers MUST fill out a form EVERY year. Contacting your previous crew chief or the festival office is not sufficient.
      • If you are unable to apply online, either snail mail a printed copy of the application or contact the Volunteer Coordinator by phone. Volunteer Coordinator contact info.
      • Answer all questions. Incomplete forms will be returned and delayed.
      • Apply early. Online applications are accepted starting April 1st.
      • Be sure to pay your $25.00 registration fee.
      • Note age restrictions for volunteering. See teen guidelines.
      • Be sure to read the crew descriptions. List three different crew preferences to give you a better chance of being accepted. Volunteers who select only one crew will not be placed on another crew if there is no opening on your crew of choice.  VIEW VOLUNTEER CREW DESCRIPTIONS
      • If you wish to work with a friend or family member, use the notes section to let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.
      • Let us know your talents, skills, experience & any other useful information in the notes section of the application.
      • Do the math problem (a spam filter query) and click the button at the bottom ONCE to send.

Please note: Crew Chiefs prefer e-mail contact with their crew members, so you will need to be proactive about checking emails and staying in touch.


      • Online applicants will immediately see a “Thank You” onscreen plus receive an e-mail confirming that we received your application.
      • If you’re mailing your registration fee, send it immediately so that your application can proceed.
      • If you don’t see your confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you’re unsure, you may email the Volunteer Coordinator. Include your first & last name for the inquiry.
      • If your application is accepted, you will receive a second e-mail at a later date assigning you to a crew, along with contact information for your Crew Chief, who you will contact for your schedule, arrival, etc.
      • The Volunteer Coordinator may call or email you prior to placement to discuss your expectations, experience, suitability and availability.
      • In the event that you are not placed on a crew, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone.
      • Based on a variety of factors, not everyone who applies is accepted. Some crews have special requirements, fill up early with veterans, or have no openings.


Caroline Isachsen
volunteer@greyfoxbluegrass.com or 518.368.8495

Between 9am and 6pm only (Eastern)

Thank you for your kind offer to help,