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Grey Fox Bluegrass Music Education Scholarship

Bill Vernon memorial scholarship

Grey Fox ~ Bill Vernon Memorial Scholarship

The Grey Fox Bill Vernon Memorial Scholarship is awarded to talented and motivated students who are involved in bluegrass music and who demonstrate a need for financial assistance for college tuition. The scholarship is named for Bill Vernon, the renowned bluegrass aficionado, writer, radio host, emcee, and beloved friend of our festival.

The scholarship has been possible, in large part, through the generosity of fine instrument builders such as Stelling and Deering Banjos, Martin and Collings Guitars, Beard Resonator Guitars, and others who have donated instruments to be raffled—and fans who buy tickets each year. We also thank the individuals, families, and organizations who have donated to help keep the scholarship thriving.

Grey Fox Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2023: Grant Dresnok, Tashi Litch, and G Korth-Rockwell
  • 2022: Shelby Martin and Emma Rose Turoff
  • 2019: Lucy Singleton and Andrew Vogts
  • 2018: Patrick Feinberg, Victor Furtado, Owen Schinkel, and Eli Wildman
  • 2017: Corey Brodsky and Grant Flick
  • 2016: Nick deSebastian and Jason Keiser
  • 2015: Seth Evans, Julian Panelli, and Max Silverstein
  • 2014: Rourke Feinberg, Lauren Price, Leanna Price, and Marty Varner
  • 2013: Laney Jones and Kaia Kater
  • 2012: Emma Hart
  • 2011: Molly Adkins and J.D. Demers
  • 2010: Courtney Hartman, Ethan Hughes, Julie Koserowski, and Jeffrey Lewis
  • 2009: Rachel Panitch and Joe K. Walsh
  • 2008: Alex Hibbitts, Preston Schmidt, Robert Trapp, and Corey Walker
  • 2007: Zach Mongan and Danny Stewart

Recipients have also included Becky Buller, Rushad Eggleston, Jared Engel, Jason Ericson, Bill Evans, Amanda Kowalski, Marjorie McCoury, Amber Reisenberger, Jayme Stone, Michael Wolking, and more.

Bill Vernon Memorial Scholarship

The Application Process

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Current college students or high school seniors who have been accepted by a college may apply. If selected, your scholarship will be sent directly to your educational institution.

SCROLL DOWN to complete the online application. You may also email your application, essays, and music samples to [email protected].  

DEADLINE: Your application must be received by May 15. Decisions will be made by June 15.

Recipients will be invited to attend Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival as a weekend guest. Awards will be announced Saturday evening during the festival on the High Meadow Stage. It is not mandatory that recipients attend the presentation.

Donating to the Scholarship

The Grey Fox Educational Fund is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving bluegrass music through education. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this program, please mail check made out to “Grey Fox Educational Fund” to:

Grey Fox Educational Fund
c/o Scholl & Lybrook CPAs
Attn: Lucia Sperato
8860 Citation Rd, Suite C, Baltimore, MD 21221

Please indicate on the memo line that your donation is for the Grey Fox Scholarship. Thank you!

Apply Online

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